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Executing Dynamic SQL

Use EXEC to execute a dynamically generated SQL statement or query.

Executes a command string or character string within a Transact-SQL batch, or one of the following modules: system stored procedure, user-defined stored procedure, CLR stored procedure, scalar-valued user-defined function, or extended stored procedure.

declare @sourceDb sysname = N'[dbSource].[schema].[SourceTable]';
declare @sqlCommand varchar(max);

-- get count of source database table
SET @sqlCommand = 'select count(*) from ' + @sourceDb;
EXEC (@sqlCommand)


Shared by joubin on Mon Oct 22 2018

Temp table, TSQL

  • Syntax: Create Table #UseTempTable
  • Temporary tables are created by prefixing your table name with a #.
  • To get a list of temp tables: select * from tempdb..sysobjects;


Shared by joubin on Thu Oct 18 2018

Pivot tables, Excel

A pivot table allows for reorganizing and summarizing selected columns and rows in a data set. This data set could be from a spreadsheet or a database table to form a desired report.

A pivot table doesn't change the underlying data.

Pivoting means to turn a data set to view it from different perspectives.


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Tuckman's stages of group development

The forming–storming–norming–performing model of group development was first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.

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Http Status Code - Redirects

  • 302 - temporary redirect
  • 301 - permanent redirect


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Microsoft Graph Security API

To build intelligent security solutions correlate alerts, get additional context to speed up investigation, automate security operations, use Microsoft Graph Security API.

  • A federated system
  • Microsoft Graph Security API
  • Security API notification subscription
  • Secure Score, system wide
  • Identity security score, AD

Shared by joubin on Thu Sep 27 2018

MS Ignite, Migrate to Cosmos DB

  • GA of Cassandra API
    • Table API
    • MongoDB
  • Keyspace ?
  • CQL Query Builder
  • CQL Shell (CQLSH)
  • Cassandra Stress, to verify performance
  • Scale throughput
    • Change the throughput for any table
  • SDK access
    • org.apache.spark...

Ignite 2018 session:


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Net customer/user Satisfaction (NSAT)

NSAT is an index of net satisfaction scores across a number of segments and audiences as measured by the Global Relationship Study.

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MS Ignite, Kubernetes on Azure

  • Gabe Monroy
  • Kubernetes, container orchestration
  • Portability
  • Extensible
  • Self healing
  • Kubectl
  • Etcd
  • Kubelet, heart beat back to the API server
  • Ingress
  • Kube-proxy
  • Lift and Shift application moving strategy, without refactoring your app
  • Azure managed control plane
    • Devops project, Azure resource
    • Azure Dev Spaces ?
    • Helm chart ?
    • CI/CD pipelines
    • Key Vault is used to store secrets for Kubernetes
    • Vnet ?
    • Traffic Manager, in Azure
    • ACI ?, Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Monitor for containers
  • RBAC control for fine grained Kubernetes resources access control
  • Scenarios
    • Lift and Shift to containers
    • Micro services
    • Machine Learning scenarios
    • IoT
      • Azure IoT Edge
  • Maersk
    • NSAT, customer satisfaction
  • Terraform
  • CaaS
  • OpenAI, a not for profit organization
  • Azure IoT Edge

Shared by joubin on Tue Sep 25 2018

Onnx, Deep Learning

Open Neural Network Exchange is a format for deep learning models that allows interoperability between different open source AI frameworks.

ONNX is being co-developed as an open-source project by:

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Facebook

Shared by joubin on Sun Sep 30 2018

MS Ignite, Event driven apps with CosmosDB

  • Event Notification pattern
  • Tight coupling prevention in the design
  • Eg adding a queue between the order module and the shipping module
  • System becomes more resilient
  • Events should have as much context around then as they can
  • Event sourcing pattern, writing the events to a log
    • Audit History
    • Decoupling
    • Materialized views
    • Integration with other systems
    • Teleporting ?
  • Microservices
  • Fault tolerance
  • Functions can be triggered based on an event
  • Azure CosmosDB
  • RU: Request Unit
  • Five consistency models ?
  • A multi model database, key value, column family, documents, graph
  • ARS, Atomic Record Sequence
  • Schema agnostic
  • Change Feed: log updates or others
    • Triggers for Azure Functions
    • Stream Processing
    • Data Movement, moving the data downstream
  • Multiple consumers of the change feed
  • Azure Functions
    • Bindings and Triggers
    • Proxies
    • Monitoring
    • Local Debugging
    • CI/CD
    • Doable Functions, will save their own states
  • Azure Event Grid
    • Event handlers: Functions, etc
  • Use the Change Feed to light up your micro services architecture
  • uses micro services on CosmosDB and Azure Event Grid
  • Skype as well
  • CQRS

Shared by joubin on Tue Sep 25 2018

Real-time Messaging with Azure SignalR Service

  • Roadmap
    • Q2, had public preview
    • Q3, GA
    • Q4
  • Scale with backplane with Redis etc
  • Azure Function binding, in preview
  • For GA, Free Tier and standard
  • Auto Scaling... ??
  • Scenarios
    • In app notifications
    • Live dashboard
    • Co authoring
  • It's realtime messaging
  • An Azure resource
  • dotnet build; dotnet run;
  • Azure SignalR Service on Core SignalR
  • Hub base class
  • First negotiates. If configured to use Azure SignalR service, it returns negotiation points on Azure.
  • Rest API
    • Gyro tracker demo
  • Azure Function binding for SignalR Service

Shared by joubin on Thu Sep 27 2018

Node.js apps on Azure with VS Code

  • 12 Factor
  • Mongoose SDK Node.js sdk
  • Develop locally with MongoDB
  • Switch to CosmosDB in the cloud
    • Choose MongoDB api for CosmosDB
  • Make app cloud ready
  • dotenv package ??
  • VS Code, Ctrl+shift B, run commands

Shared by joubin on Thu Sep 27 2018

LiveTiles, QnA Maker

  • LiveTiles Bots
  • Scenarios
    • Personal Assistant
    • Team Assistant
    • Enterprise Assistant
    • External Assistant
  • What's a typical development cycle?
  • Site application as a service as a bot!!
  • QnA Maker
  • LiveTiles Bot designer
  • AIconics ?

Shared by joubin on Thu Sep 27 2018

Top Tips for Git Powered Teams

  • git push origin master:demo
    • If you forget to create a branch before pushing code remotely
  • Branch policies
    • Require PR
    • Item linking
  • Build Validation policy
    • Build must pass before merge into branch/master
  • Checkout pull requests locally ??
  • Continuous Code Quality with Automation
    • Static code analysis
      • sonarqube/
      • whitesource, security scanning
    • Drop these into pipeline
  • Git Large File Support
    • Git LFS
    • Instead of shallow cloning
    • BFG Repo Cleaner ??
  • Always use the latest version of Git
    • git update
  • Trunk-based development
    • GitHub flow is different that Release flow branching structure
    • master is never in production?? Why?
    • Cherry pick a Pull request into a new branch

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MS Ignite, Azure Pipelines and GitHub

  • Extensions
    • Slack, SonarCloud
    • Over 500 extensions
  • Integration with GitHub
  • Start with GitHub market place
    • Go to continuous integration
    • Setup Azure pipelines
    • Will land in Azure DevOps
    • Example: GitHub/microsoft/vscode
      • Has badges for Azure Pipelines
  • CredScan ?, A step that check for credentials as part of a commit

Shared by joubin on Wed Sep 26 2018

MS Ignite, Azure Relay, Hubs, Grid, Service Bus

  • Azure Relay
    • Connect Systems
  • Event Hubs
  • Event Grid
  • Messages
    • Fact
      • Time Series, logs, streams
        • Event Hubs for streaming data
      • Discrete
        • Not time series i.e. no order to the messages
        • Event Grid, event based programming
    • Command
      • Service Bus, Enterprise messaging
  • Service Bus Explorer
  • System to system messaging
    • Contrast this with
      • Notification hub
      • SignalR hub

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MS Ignite, Automated ML & Hyperparameter Tuning

  • Labeling process
  • Hyperparameters??
  • scikit learn algorithm cheat sheet
  • Automated machine learning
    • To give you a model faster
    • Submitting experiments to Automated ML
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Cross validation ??
  • KNeighbors ?
  • Set metrics, e.g. accuracy, AUC etc
  • Confusion matrix, TP TN etc
  • Configure Automated ML by setting metrics

Benefits of Automated ML

  • Model creation time, from days to hours
  • Robust benchmarking process for ML projects
  • Enable domain experts to leverage ML
  • Is an excellent starting point for selection of algorithm
  • Currently: Classification/binary, and regression

Power BI

  • Automated ML is baked into Power BI

Hyperparameter tuning

  • Adjustable parameters to given model training
  • Hyperparameter configuration
  • Find the configuration that result in best performance
  • Best accuracy
  • Number of layers in deep learning
    • This is in addition to the training datasets
  • Automated hyperparameter tuning in Azure ML
  • Early terminations of poorly running models
  • Bandit policy ??
  • This capability is available for free, for now!

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MS Ignite, Common Data Services for Apps

  • CDS, Common Data Services
  • An Azure based service
  • PowerApps portal
    • Define custom entities
    • Relationships, Lookups
    • Optionsets eg enums
    • Calculated Fields, computed columns
    • Roll-up Fields, aggregates
  • Microsoft Flows?

Shared by joubin on Wed Sep 26 2018